PSRMS is an initiative of the Punjab Police in an effort to improve the efficiency of the department by making the records readily available to police officers. The system has not only proven to be successful in accelerating the investigation process, but also streamlined the overall FIR system. This web-based online application has digitized the complete FIR life-cycle from launching an FIR, nominating a culprit, investigation and court proceeding details, to the final process of case closure.  It covers and up-date automatically all corresponding registers of FIR.
The FIR system has not only enhanced the security, but also synchronized the activities of police stations in districts; successfully achieving the cost and time effectiveness. Furthermore, it also enabled any supervisory officer to efficiently monitor the progress of cases.

The system is currently operating in 454 police stations across Punjab, and in 2016 alone, it has launched around 100,349 FIRs to date. PSRMS has definitely contributed a lot toward bringing efficiency and effectiveness of the police force, as it has enabled a smooth execution of all the processes right from the registration of first information of the case till it’s closure.