District's Overview

The "District Police Bhakkar" is one of the vital units of Punjab Police and presently, Chaudhary Khalid Masood is the head of the District Police and 01 DSP Legal , 04 SDPOs are working in the four Circles of district for the help of DPO. Total 11 police stations are presently operational, 1 out of them is model police station named PS Sadar Bhakkar. The head of each police station is an officer of the rank of Inspector/Sub-Inspector, called Station House Officer (SHO). These police stations are supervised by 04 subdivisional officers (SDPO). The head of each subdivision is of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). 

The district Bhakkar is located on the left bank of the Indus river. The boundaries of these Districts are, in west D.I.Khan District (KPK), North Mianwali District, South Layyah District, in the east Khushab and Jhang Districts of Punjab Touch Bhakkar District of Pakistan.

During British rule, Bhakkar (larger in area today) was a tehsil of Mianwali District. In 1982, the tehsil of Bhakkar was got separated from Mianwali and became the current district named as "Bhakkar" this district has been subdivided into four tehsils Darya Khan, Kallurkot, Mankera and tehsil of Bhakkar. The distinction of tehsil Mankera is to be the largest tehsil(area wise) of the Punjab.

Furthermore, the district police is operationally augmented by district detachment of other wings of the provincial police like Elite Force (Commando Unit), Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), Special Branch (Intelligence Unit), Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) and Traffic Police. The heads of these specialized wings are responsible to lead all local operational matters and report to the Provincial Police Headquarter (PHQ)