Bhakkar District is on the border of Punjab and KPK provinces. Afghanistan  is called the Golden Crescent and International Narcotics Trader. It is the largest producer of Narcotics like Opium, Heroin and Hashish (Charas). Unfortunately, since the Afghan War in 1989, Pakistan has suffered a huge influx of drugs due to porous borders with Afghanistan and resultantly has the highest number of (approximately more than 5 Million) drug addicts in the world.Due to this District Bhakkar is most affected District of the Punjab in Norcotics trafficking.Most of the Norcotics Dealers use the way of bhakkar District for the trafficking of Norcotics to the other districts of the Punjab. Bhakkar Police has made remarkable efforts to arrest the norcotics Dealers and to stop the Norcotics Trafficking to the Punjab.Cheking system  On the Entry and Exit points like Dajal Check Post, Asif Pull, and Shakarwala Check Post is made strict and equiped with latest technologies.